Fatimata is an empathic and inclusive person, she has an intrinsic motivation for human-centered needs

and understands the value of design to bring revolution in peoples’ lives.

As a ceramicist, she owns skills for various materials, applied and industrial techniques. Her deep interest in learning by doing allows her to explore and facilitate creative paths for new opportunities and directions.

Fatimata has over 15 years experience in the craft and design world. She has worked with craftspeople in places such as Senegal, Mali and Burkina Faso. She is the co-founder of Dakar-Next; a design studio-laboratory based in Dakar, Senegal and editor of Pattern and Texture by Essence; a blog that promotes craft and design in Africa.

Fatimata was a guest speaker at the Metropolis Conference for “Local Talent, Global Markets” at the ICFF 2011

Coordinator for 2010 and 2011 Equator 24 editions, a bike challenge in Congo to promote equality in African schools.

Co-founder of the 1st International Food Festival Afroeats in 2013 in Dakar, Senegal. Co-curator for ‘Design 4 People’ for Dakar Biennale 2012 edition.

Fatimata graduated from Central Saint Martins of London and she is currently completing her MA in Design Management at Birmingham Institute of Art and Design.

Nguka Line

Designed in Dakar and made in Stoke-on-Trent, Nguka is a line of silk-screen printed ceramic plates designed by Fatimata Ly. The line draws its inspiration from Senegalese women portraiture in the 50’s and 60’s. The plates are designed with heirloom colors such as blue and yellow.
Nguka is a tribute to Senegalese women from garments to hairstyle.
The English Fine Bone China plates can be used as collectible or highly sophisticated tableware.

Dessiné à Dakar et fabriqué à Stoke-on-Trent, Nguka est une ligne céramique sérigraphiée conçue par Fatimata Ly. La ligne puise son inspiration dans les portraits de femmes Sénégalaises des années 1950-1960 Les assiettes sont conçues avec des variations de couleurs d'héritage traditionnel tels que le bleu Palmane* ou le Ngalam*. Nguka est un hommage aux femmes sénégalaises de la tenue vestimentaire à la coiffure. 
Objets de collection ou vaisselle très sophistiquée, la ligne est créée avec de la Fine Porcelaine Anglaise.
Palmane* (Teinture riche, brillante à base d’Indigo/ Natural Indigo dye) 
Ngalam* (Or 24 carats/ 24 gold carat)  

[See :krit]

[See :krit] est une collection de bijoux en céramique inspirés par les "Fortune Cookies". Ces biscuits chinois de la chance, initialement inspirés par une recette traditionnelle japonaise, contiennent des messages à l'intérieur destinés à porter chance. Tels des biscuits, les bijoux de la collection [See :krit] incarnent notre voyage incertain à travers la vie. Au fil du temps, la vie semble se dévoiler peu à peu à nous. Chaque page de celle-ci nous révèle le secret de ses tours. La céramique met l'accent sur la fragilité de la vie, les formes pliées, combinées, les coups de pinceau noir, d’or et de platine sont le reflet de notre riche expérience tout au long de ce parcours qu'est la vie…
Collaboration avec Madeleine Bomboté, architecte d'intérieur

"Pounding Light"



Terracotta chandeliers inspired by recurrent power cuts in Senegal, West Africa. These chandeliers could also be used as simple lamps, candleholders... 
Made in Dakar
Featured in Inhabitat

"Melt & Taste" for Chloe Chocolat

Product: "Melt & Taste" is a prototype for a tea set to enjoy tea and chocolate. The surprising set offers different scenario for chocolate. It could be melted in an organic shaped saucer that keeps tea warm at the same time. The whole combination add playfulness to the set. 
Client:  Chloe Chocolat

Prandial Pleasure

Inspired by food packaging, Prandial Pleasure is looking into food ingredients such as conservatives, our intake of food additives and eventually reaches the essence of food: pleasure, rituals, diversity. Therefore based on the tin can, Prandial Pleasure offers a playful range of tableware. The idea is to transform the can into several dishes that allow to eat and mix diverse food at the same time. Each piece can hold a different food and be easily movable from the cooking place to the service area. The whole idea is to facilitate usage and alleviate tableware. 

"Chocolat à la Carte" for Sir Hans Sloane of London

Products: tableware prototypes for truffles and exquisite pralines.
Client: Sir Hans Sloane of London 

A project for Chocolate Empire Ltd

This project is part of my final year at Central Saint-Martins. A research based project in collaboration with the Chocolate Empire Ltd, a company based in Brighton, England. The company has an ethical approach on chocolate provenance. They are specialised in wedding cakes. The brief was to design a plate for their chocolate tasting in food fairs, a chocolate box as a giftware for weddings.